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Global Greens Women's Network

Activity plan 2017 – 2022

Global Greens Women’s Network
Activity plan for 2017 – 2022

1. We raise awareness of the Global Greens Women’s Network

  • We send newsletters at least twice a year
  • We send a letter to each party, presenting the Network and asking to distribute it to the relevant networks
  • We set up a digital portal for capacity building, to include toolkits, podcasts, e-books, blogs, oral histories etc.
  • We organise info sessions on national level about GGWN

2. We make sure the network is inclusive

  • In everything we do, we keep in mind that we should act in an inclusive manner
  • We will organise our work in such a way that the network is truly open for all green women

3. We facilitate exchange between green women

  • We find out how women are represented in Green parties around the world
  • We facilitate bilateral exchanges / partnerships between green parties, green women’s networks and green women
  • We exchange information of national situations regarding equality
  • We aim to connect all green women’s groups from around the world
  • We exchange stories and ideas from each other’s countries and connect best practices on local level
  • We connect with social movements

4. We work on topics

We continue to organise Webinars on different topics. The aim is to organise 2 – 4 webinars each year. We also publish writings on the digital portal and in newsletters.

  • Women and religion
  • UN Women, peace and security resolution
  • Racialized women (who’re marginalised by mainstream feminists)
  • Domestic and gender based violence, femicide watch
  • Single mothers and their livelihood
  • Wage gap
  • Landless women, evictions, rural women,
  • Citizen rights, right to own property and land
  • Gender equality law
  • Climate change and women, climate justice
  • Ecology and health
  • Dangers of smoke / pollution in pregnancy
  • Sex workers’ rights
  • Trans rights & inclusiveness
  • Access to justice
  • Feminist economy
  • Woman and her body, sexual health and reproductive rights, right to abortion
  • Intersectionality
  • Parity
  • World peace
  • Refugee rights
  • Women’s rights and culture
  • Women at media
  • Ecofeminism
  • Economy and self-empowerment

5. We organise trainings

We organise online trainings and training courses on

  • dealing with internet ”trolls” and harassment
  • confidence building & mutual support
  • media training
  • political participation of women
  • topics mentioned above under headline 4.

6. We organise global activities

  • We decide on an annual theme
  • We organise International Women’s Day global activity for women’s rights, coordinated with video, stories, a book and website (Rosanne Bersten can do this)
  • We organise a global action on International Safe Abortion Day on 28th September
  • We aim for a global campaign
  • We aim for a live seminar
  • We aim for representation in UN from GGWN

7. We build up the Mentorship Programme

  • We organise mentor-mentee pairs for those who are willing to take part
  • Our aim is to organise a pair for everyone who has signed in
  • We aim to have at least 50 pairs within 5 years

8. We do fundraising

  • We organise a fundraising campaign (50 % to local women’s network, 50 % to global)
  • We produce merchandise for GGWN to fundraise (t-shirt, ”woman card”)

9. We take other relevant action to achieve our aim

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